What is Spagyric Medicine? 

What is Spagyric Medicine? 

The Spagyric process revolutionized medicine when Paracelsus brought it through as an evolved process of botanical medicine in the 18th century. After his death, the medicine industry went very quickly from whole plant, botanical extracts to what we know now as modern pharmacy. It could be said; at the peak of botanical medicines history, Spagyric medicine was the elite modality. Through this heightened understanding of matter however, chemistry was born and the degradation of the European sacred tradition of medicine making began.

This point of evolution is where we track our starting point, as Spagyric medicine makers. To take a different, holistic path of evolving our understanding of how consciousness relates to matter.

Spagyrics are a whole plant medicine. The plant is viewed as being made up of three holistic faculties. These are allegorically referred to as the “soul”, “spirit” and “body” of the plant. These three “philosophical principles” are extracted, separated, purified completely (through separate processes individual to the principle) to their highest concentration and then recombined to create an extraordinarily bioavailable, high resonance medicine. 

These spagyrics are absorbed sublingually and almost all of what you put in goes through to the cell. It stays in the body much longer than a standard herbal extract and because it has been extracted in this way it has both the properties of a homeopathic AND a whole plant extract.

Soul = Essential Oil / oil soluble constituents

Spirit = Alcohol / water soluble constituents

Body = Salt / Minerals or non soluble constituents

This allegory is a reflection of how these compounds interact with the being. The soul of the imbiber is interacted with by the essential oils, the aromatic compounds in the plant. The Spirit (mind/consciousness) by the alcohol and water soluble constituents. Finally, the Minerals interact with the physical body on a cellular level, allowing the others to fully connect with the body intracellularly in a unique way via sodium / potassium cell switching.

This is botanical Alchemy. Not as a metaphor, but as a real, tangible path of making plant medicines according to hermetic (alchemical) esoteric philosophy.

Jesse Leith (ENKI organics)

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