The Lore of the Land

The Lore of the Land

When we stop and listen, we hear with our heart and ear all the beauty of nature far and near. All we have to do is tune in and allow those forces and frequencies to infuse with our own, like plants and hot water come together to make a delicious brew. The plant kingdom offers itself as teacher and helper for those that wish to receive. It is our choice whether to respectfully engage with the plants so as to imbibe their wisdoms, or not, and to what degree we wish to engage with them. In foraging and making medicines we are immediately experiencing the plant in its natural domain, in its natural habitat, and on its own ground and songline. We are knowing the plant first hand, instead of second hand or offhand. In this way, we get to know the plant directly and get to experience it through the medium of our own body through our feelings and emotions in the interaction. For some plants, there is a martian like strength and aggressiveness. In others, a venusian elegance and softness. We can take on these qualities if we infuse their essence with ours. 

Connecting to country has always been about knowing ourselves as of the earth and the earth as part of ourselves. We are in and of the earth, part and parcel of its essence and evolution. In knowing ourselves as creators and alchemists who have the ability to transform states with our will. We live the lore and recreate the lore with each breath and interaction. It is only a matter of what we choose to engage with and where we choose to put our intent. Each different part of earth holds its own keys and wisdoms and it is our wish to consciously re-member the spirit of the plant medicines as family in the consciousness of the people. By engaging directly and wholesomely with the native plants, we more fully get to grips with what the essence of this land is and the wisdoms it holds. We get to receive the healing and integration of this special land by choosing to directly engage with more sides of it, and as such to actively know more of it. 

We have a conscious choice in our evolution as humans as to whether we open and expand or close in and contract in our perspectives. The medicine of the plant kingdom is varied and numerous, but always topical and local in its intelligence. When we tap in, the right plants for us appear when we need them. They have always been there, waiting for us to remember them and unite with them and to use them. Australian natives in this sacred land hold so many keys for us to know the land, and ourselves, deeper and deeper. If we come with honour and respect, there is limitless wisdom that can be received from the plant medicines and those that are the keepers of this sacred knowledge. 

In nature, and ourselves, we trust.  

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