United we stand

United we stand

Here at Botanika, we are a team of visionaries. Part of our dreaming is to envision worlds beyond worlds, times beyond times, realities beyond realities. We look to the here and now in its infinite potentiality and seek to ignite the flame of paradise prospectives.

There are enough calls to be realistic in this consensus reality, which seeks to create uniformity of perspectives in a multiverse existence. We are the sacred rebels, those who resist labels and boxes, for life cannot live in a vacuum and nature deserves room to breathe, without masks or censorship.

It is in these liminal spaces that we create ripples of change that flux and fluctuate along timelines that may not be presently tangible, but are there as seeds sown ready to sprout when they are ready. We see events in the world where change is being called and cried for.

We see a lack of innerstanding of human motivations and a manipulation of human goodwill along boundaries of persuasion and coercion. It is a focus for us to be part of creating a new paradigm where things like categorisations and labels couldnt be dreamed of as being capable of defining beingness.

We see the potential of how we can be and the idea of unity as a lived reality is what we wanna see. So we open ourselves to friends rather than foes, and promote knowledge rather than ignorance. We challenge all those we encounter to step into living and loving as they wish to see, rather than just talking about those things. We vision the rainbow dreaming.

All colours coming together, with respect of each our cultures as one unit. Different pieces of the same puzzle. Walking alongside our brothers and sisters as we embrace the new way now.

Our ancestors, all over Earth, have forever known all life is sentient. Its innate. We are one blood, one living breathing ecosystem. We live as one unity. To live a life in such a way is to walk in a sacred manner, carefully and gracefully within the great web of existence.

We are all linked and our destines are matched. We learn the lessons of life with grace and with ease. Opening ourselves to our animal, mineral, and plant allies allows us more life in our sphere, and more love in our hearts.

Unity consciousness is a potential within us all, if we live from the heart. We must be courageous and we must be brave. We must be willing to step outside of our comfort zone and categories in order to walk our own way, according to our own compass.

When we realise the intelligence that lies all around us, we allow ourselves to access this intelligence to enhance our lives. For us, working with the plants, we gain access to their teachings, and they to ours.

Working in symbiosis, we innerstand solidarity and unity. It is but a re-spect away.

-Pan Tree Tor, Botanika Herbals

Art: Harmony by Alima Newton.

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