Trip to K'gari - The Island of deep remembrance

Trip to K'gari - The Island of deep remembrance

"The Butchulla people's traditional name for Fraser Island was K'gari which means paradise. According to Butchulla legend, Fraser Island was named K'gari after the beautiful spirit who helped Yindingie, messenger of the great god Beeral, create the land. As a reward to K'gari for her help Beeral changed her into an idyllic island with trees, flowers and lakes. He put birds, animals and people on the island to keep her company." - excerpt from 

Oh wow. K’gari. Breath taking. And what a divine healing paradise she is.

Thankyou for having us on your beautiful island. We acknowledge and pay respect to the Butchulla mob, the traditional owners & original custodians of the land.

We came with openness & received so many of your Ancestral blessings throughout the stay. The whales breaching at sunrise, eagles flying with us wherever we travelled on the island & Dingos walking by our sides with pride showing us 'their Island' as we surrendered to the power & beauty of the feminine energy that was there. Some of the trees there are over 700,000 years old which indicates how special she is. There were many special places we stepped foot on the Island which I dont feel to speak into as its best to keep safe, but if you feel the call I suggest to contact Drop Bear so you can have your own beautiful adventure there & personal / group experience.

I am beyond speechless for the majik, the information & connection to the ancestral realms that we experienced in this rite of passage. We all walked humbly with respect & integrity upon your land & waters. Cleaning you up wherever we went & honouring the lore of the Island as shared with us:

  1. The island always comes first
  2. Share with others
  3. Don't take what's not yours

It was a true gift witnessing & experiencing the ancient codes that your land had instore for us through many signs & symbols along the path. Thank you K'gari for this deep remembrance & connection that we will all take back into our lives, as we travel forth integrated with your energy into our beings reminding us of who we are and what we are here to do.

This journey has inspired me to connect deeper with the elements all around me, to sit & listen more to the music & melodys in nature, and to continue to walk with integrity, honor & respect wherever my path takes me. It was so lovely to explore such a sacred untouched paradise, to bathe in your healing waters & I will hold that feeling of us all witnessing the old Ancient trees in utter silence & dismay, followed by moments later the cascades of laughter rolling from each vehicle as we passed by the ‘Squibblygums’ & bounced high as each dune threw us up & down, back & forth belching & groaning with all sorts of wild sounds coming out of us.

I take a moment to thank the following custodians for this trip - I pay acknowledgements to Jayden from Drop bear adventures for your honourable & respectful tour of the island, reminding us of the Island lore. For all that you shared with us I am eternally grateful. Thanking for trusting us brother & feeling the purity & respect of which we came there with. Deepest gratitude to Against the grain health / Brad Mcdonald for having this vision & bringing us all together so that we could receive this incredible life changing experience. And for the behind the scenes crew who helped organise, prepare food & hold space you absolute legends. Love your work Brad, your navigation was on point & thanks for shattering any illusions or expectations that popped up along the way. Always bringing in a clear direct masculine that I could all trust & felt safe with.

And to the group that showed up & were called on the Island journey, dear soul family thankyou for your unique gifts & offerings you brought to the table, I resonated with you all on many levels in many different ways. I felt super comfortable to share parts of myself that many others have not had the opportunity to witness. I felt safe to express & share my gifts with you all & to really drop in to the depth of what was channeling through me.  I love you so much brothers & sisters. I know that we have friendships for eternity.

Thank You dearly K’gari for your medicine. You are a powerful healing site & I will always remember your gifts in my heart. See you soon again one day, divine healing water place.

For information on beach clean-ups & ways in which you can give back to the Island, please contact Drop bear adventures. The Island is alive with many messages & gifts for you on your journey, if you listen deeply (dadirri) you will receive her blessings.

Yoway. Venus Solaris x

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