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Wellness Package | Botanika Herbals

Wellness Package | Botanika Herbals

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Following traditional alchemical methods of preparation through an evolutionary process called Spagyric Alchemy, these 100% native superfood botanicals are intentionally prepared in synchronicity with the cycles of nature to bring forth alignment with self + a deeper connection to the wisdom of the plants. We only use high grade laboratory equipment & 7 stages of preparation to wholistically extract the entire plant with nothing discarded, ensuring the most high quality finished tonic is available & therefore carries the body, spirit & soul of the botanical.

The tonics are designed to help you connect with your own inner wisdom, with the land & to receive the powerful insights & messages these Ancient wise native plants have for you on your journey. 


You will receive all 3 Botanika Herbals native botanical spagyric extracts. They come in a 50ml bottle (200 doses).

Elevate energy tonic comprises of the following native superfoods, traditionally used & may support with:

  • Wattleseed (acacia victoriae) - high source of energy, high levels of protein, calcium, potassium, zinc, iron + selenium, lowers blood sugar levels, low glycemic ideal for diabetics, brain focus & sharp memory, uplifting mood

  • Lemon Aspen (acronychia acidula) - Magnesium, calcium, rich source of folate, iron & zinc, superior antioxidant (3 x higher than blueberries), inflammation, anxiety, fears & stress, bad nightmares

  • Davidsons plum (davidsonia pruriens) - High levels of Vitamin C & anthocyanin (thought to protect against cancers & Alzeimers), brain functioning, high source of potassium, Vitamin E & Zinc, enhanced collagen production - anti ageing

Restore adrenal tonic comprises of the following native superfoods, traditionally used & may support with:

  • She oak (casuarina) - womb wisdom, hormonal balance, improved mood, menstrual pain, womb hydration, menopause, fertility, regulates fluid in the body
  • Cinnamon myrtle (backhousia myrtyfolia) - Indigestion, anxiety, boost antioxidants
  • Riberry (syzygium luehmannii) - Vitamin B12, anthocyanins for cognitive function, protection against certain cancers, folate, calcium
  • Desert lime (citrus glauca)- Vitamin E, Lutein (eye health & wellbeing), Potassium (reduced blood pressure, Folate (10 times more than blueberry)
  • Native ginger (alpinia caerulea)– headache, nausea, stress, anxiety & fear, calming, indigestion

    Vitality immunity tonic comprises of the following native superfoods, traditionally used & may support with:

    • Propolis (apis mellifera) - wound healing, treatment of burns or bites, antimicrobial properties, anti fungal, anti bacterial, antiseptic, anti inflammatory, colds / flus, sore throats, respiratory tract infections, acne, dermatitis
    • Golden gumbi leaf (we pay respect to the Ghungalu elders, keepers of the Gumbi Gumbi (pittosporum angustifolium) - Bad coughs, eczema, possible anti viral, possible anti cancer, detoxifier, blood pressure regulation anti-pruritic
    • Muntries (kunzea pomifera) - Potent vitamin C, Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium & Iron, skin health, anti-ageing, eliminating free radicals


    Botanika Herbals tonics are multifunctional. You can use them in ceremonies with loved ones, nature meditation for deeper connection with the land & self, or remedially on our 21 day program to embody + integrate the potent healing powers of the plant in mind, body & spirit.

    9 drops directly under the tongue as a remedial dose or you can add 1ml to tea, smoothies, juice, water or kombucha to create your own native botanical Elixirs.

    Add 1ml to raw treats / desserts, or give it back to the Earth as a libation, a gesture to honor the Ancestors.

    Please read the dosage ritual on the bottle & take a moment for yourself to follow the process & set your positive intentions for connecting with the wisdom of the plants.

    :: Disclaimer ::

    These statements have not been evaluated by the TGA.

    If pregnant, breastfeeding or you are taking pharmaceutical medicines please consult with your healthcare provider before adding these tonics to your diet.

    We have our own private testing & research facilities. Please do your own research, you can also source information about native medicines from Agrifutures, CSIRO & ANFAB.

    We only use pure distilled sugarcane to make spirit, because of the spagyric preparation all heavy metals & toxins are removed so they are very pure please stick to dosage (9 drops, or 1-3 if very sensitive). The alcohol percentage per dose is 1/5 the amount contained in a lemon lime bitters for context, a very small medicinal amount. Any strong flavours you are tasting is the volatile oils from the botanicals, NOT alcohol.

    For deeper knowledge about spagyric medicines, please refer to our journal article ‘What are spagyrics’?

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