Our Story

Welcome to Botanika Herbals 100% Australian native superfood tonics that empower people to connect with country, and the true medicines of this land. 


Following traditional alchemical methods of preparation through an evolutionary process called Spagyric Alchemy, these native botanicals are intentionally prepared in syncronicity with the cycles of nature to bring forth alignment with self + a deeper connection to the wisdom of the plants. We only use high grade laboratory equipment & 7 stages of preparation to wholistically extract the entire plant with nothing discarded to ensure the most high quality finished product is available & therefore carries the body, spirit & soul of the botanical. For anyone who is sensitive to energy, they will feel this strongly in their field.

Botanika Herbals tonics are multifunctional. You can use them in ceremonies with loved ones, nature meditation for deeper connection with the land & self, or remedially on our 21 day program to embody + integrate the potent healing powers of the plant in mind, body & spirit. They also work well in desserts, treats & drinks to create your own Native botanical Elixirs.

We are passionate about supporting indigenous business, with 10% of profits going back into traditional land management & initiatives who are cultivating and ethically harvesting native medicines around Australia. We are currently working with biodynamic organic farmers & indigenous local suppliers to seasonally harvest our native plants, and extract them to the highest quality which produces a truly epic transformational healing of mind, body & spirit. It is our intention to be working with 100% Australian indigenous growers & suppliers by 2022 so that we can collectively create a positive impact for the future cultivation & appreciation of native botanicals.


  • We have ethically sourced & combined blends of 100% native organic superfoods from all across Australia
  • We give back 10% profits to indigenous communities + work directly with indigenous growers + local organic farms. 
  • We are pioneering a new way of connecting with native superfood medicines
  • Small micro batch production, no mass production
  • We do not export, these precious tonics are for the Australian community as we realise how important it is for our own people to reconnect with the land
  • We use Spagyric Alchemical preparation methods
  • Our tonics are nutrient dense, high grade superfoods unlike others due to preparation
  • Biophotonic preservation to ensure protection of the blends
  • Pure sugarcane spirit, organic botanicals & artisan water used in production
  • Herbalist alchemist prepared with love in Byron Bay NSW & Daylesford VIC


Botanika Herbals was birthed in 2019, when I was about to go to sleep late one night I received powerful insights for each tonic & the complete recipes for all 6 blends, including guidance on what their names were & how they were to be used. I had no idea what most of the ingredients were at this stage, but I wrote down all the information and went to sleep.

When I awoke and looked and what was written down, I was both excited & nervous. It felt like very precious & culturally sensitive information had been given to me & I was unsure how to continue especially as I value integrity & respect for the original custodians of this land. I asked for further guidance on this and again had a powerful dream. 

I had a dream that an Elder Indigenous woman of Australia came to me in the desert. She told me to carry on with my work and that I would be guided in what to do. She told me I had the energy & spirit to do this and I knew what I had to do, and she also asked me to come and visit her! She laughed a lot with me / at me & I awoke with the message to go forth.

So on I continued, listening to my dreams, following my heart & hearing my inner guidance direct me down the path of creation. The symbols and artwork also came through me as an important part of communicating the blueprint design for each blend. The energy imprint that each one holds. 

I wanted to create this range with the utmost integrity, and so as synchronicity had it I was sent a Herbalist (Jesse Leith, ENKI organics) who has studied the Ancient science of Alchemy and is working with spagyric production ensuring the wholistic representation of the plant is available to people, this is a traditional practice that society has lost touch with as it is a long, intricate process which follows divine rules of alchemical extraction to retrieve the body, spirit & soul of the botanical.

I am incredibly grateful for the guidance of my inner wisdoms, and as destiny would have it after I launched & shared in the above video, I had a beautiful Aunty reach out who has now invited me on a special journey to the desert, to help with building a native medicine garden near Uluru, and to learn from Elder Grandmother Nelly Patterson of the Anangu peoples (seven sisters dreaming lineage) at her cultural lore camp as apart of the New way meeting now (FB). I am beyond grateful for this awesome experience to connect deeper with the traditional ways of our original custodians & build relationships with communities. What an amazing opportunity & life experience I am now on since I said yes to the dreaming of Botanika Herbals.

I encourage you all to trust in your guidance, land your dreams & always believe it is possible if you believe it to be so, as I have been shown here. 

My life is getting more interesting & I am learning so much every day! Thankyou for your support in helping me to bring this project to you all & contributing to further empowering Indigenous business' + communities in their practices of traditional ways that keep the future generations in mind. Stay tuned for the journey!

Thankyou to all my dear friends + family of all colours + nations for your encouragement, advice + wise words on my journey. I am so grateful for your acceptance in the path I have chosen to walk down.

With deep reverence & acknowledgment to the Ancestors past, present & future.

Venus Solaris - Dreamer of Botanika Herbals x