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Frankincense Ritual Tonic | Enki Apothecary

Frankincense Ritual Tonic | Enki Apothecary

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Frankincense has a rich history of spiritual and ritual use. It’s a powerful grounding energy mover and is useful for entering trance like/meditative states. 

An alluring aroma, absorbing and grounding. Journey within, into the sacred space of your body, the vessel / conduit of the higher world. Steady and intentional. With the energy of Saturn guiding you to knowing. Reducing tension and inflammation within your mind, body and spirit. Frankincense is the tonic to clear away the dust and regain your centre.



Wild-Harvested Omani Royal Hojari Frankincense Resin - (Boswellia rivae/sacra), Filtered Spring Water, *Cane Spirit *Glycerin.

*Certified Organic

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