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Blue Lotus Ritual Tonic | Enki Apothecary

Blue Lotus Ritual Tonic | Enki Apothecary

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Sacred Blue Lilly / Blue Lotus - Nymphaea caerulea

With an alluring scent and vivid palette, Blue Lotus, also known as the Blue Egyptian Lotus and Sacred Blue Lilly, promotes a mild sense of euphoria and dream-like state, enabling access to higher thought and spiritual clarity. Known as The Ancient Egyptian Dream Flower, Blue Lotus has the potential to expand your awareness when you're in dream state. 

Encouraging grounding into the body with an energetic rise, leaving you with feel-good and heart-opening emotions. Giving you a potent expression and focus on heart connections, opening your physical and emotional constitution to go deep into present human or plant communications and relationships. 

- Aphrodisiac

- Euphoriant

- Heart Opening


*Sacred Blue Lilly / Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea), *Cane Spirit, Daylesford Artesian Spring Water.

*Certified Organic


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