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      Botanika Herbals Spagyric medicine 21 day plant embodiment journey: 9 drops every morning at least 20 minutes before eating, taking 5 minutes or longer to sit in meditation with the plant & call forth your intentions for the day.

      Please use the downloadable progress sheet to track your physical, emotional & mental progress, noting any subtle changes in your energetic field, or any special messages or guidance that enters into your awareness throughout the day.

      If you have a healing crisis / reaction occur please contact me > to discuss as this can be a sign of deep healing, where the body is trying to purge / cleanse the toxins out of you. We may need to change the course, recommend other healers to work alongside with & make certain changes to allow this transformation, so that nothing gets suppressed back down into the body.
      Listen deeply to the wisdom of the plants & how they make your body, mind & spirit feel. What changes are they encouraging you to make in your life? What message do the Ancestors have for you on your journey? Are you open to Dadirri (deep listening) and taking action in your life to evolve + grow?



      Please take 7 days integration for yourself after 21 days, and do not take the medicine again until after this time. This rest allows the changes to be fully embodied in your spirit. Once you have finished this complete 28 day cycle, you can begin taking it again whenever you are called to use it, you may additionally need to go on a fasting plant dieta to go deeper in the healing.


      When this sheet is filled out, please take a photo of it & email > it to us so we can keep track of your progress & discuss what further help you may require. We also have a private support group on FB if you would like to connect with others on the same path of healing. Click here to join 


      P.S it's best to bookmark this page so you can get back to it easily!